Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Because it's good for you

Well, not you you. But it's good. A good thing to do. And, therefore, actually good for you.

Allison of Our Own Creation has a problem. Not of her own creation, mind you (yeah, bad pun--sue me; must be that reunion of my college living group I went to last weekend-- we did bad puns there like nobody's business, it was an art form actually). Wordpress thinks that the definition of THE.BEST.DAY.EVER!!!!OMG!!!TOTALLY!!! is the day you get the most visits on your blog. Raise your hand if you know that not to be true. Raise your hand if you know it can be your worst day, the day something unbelievably awful happens to you. Yeah, I thought so. For Allison, it was the day her surviving twin, Zoë, died. Having already lost Zoë's twin, Lennox, weeks before, Allison and Shannon are understandably a little sensitive to that particular day being designated as, you know, good.

So please, go to Our Own Creation, and then click through to the blog Allison created for Zoë, for it too has the very same designation for the very same day. That's all you have to do. If you have access to multiple machines and some time, go the extra mile and click through from all of them. How often is there something you can actually physically do for a bereaved family? And with only a click. See, I told you-- it's good for you.


Beruriah said...

Well looks like I'll be clicking through from your page, and from Glow, too.

STE said...

Done and done!

I have nominated you for a pink rose award for all you do for me, and for this community. Thank you!

Amelie said...

Ouch. That's really insensitive. Do these developers only read happy blogs?

momofonefornow said...

Hi, over from NCLM.

I have clicked on a new creation several times. It looks as if the goal was far exceeded. Now her best day ever can be the day that a bunch of people that she doesn't even know (or know well) did something to make things a little bit better. IMO that would be a good day.

Kim said...

Here from NCLM! What a wonderful response from kind clickers and from wordpress!