Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Plans, best-laid (as usual)

Last time I wrote here was the day after JD left for the very far away place. And now it's something like day four after he got back. And a day shy of three weeks since my last post. Oy!

I definitely didn't mean to go this long between posts. In fact, for a while there I was going to write one titled "Just in time." It was going to mention a few coincidences, chief among them the fact that not three days after I finally took that picture of my neighbors' pink commode on the curb, it disappeared. I was going to talk about how nice it was of the aforementioned neighbors to have waited for weeks and weeks until I got my act together enough to take a picture, before losing hope of garbage men taking a hint, and the commode with it, and hauling the thing off, presumably to a commode farm, themselves. It was going to be an uplifting tale, leaving not a dry eye in the house. Until I realized, this past Saturday (or two weeks after I first noticed the absence of the pink elephant and conceived of a post titled "Just in time") that the commode is not gone. It has just been pulled back off the curb and to the side of the house. Make of this what you will.

A few things ate the time since my last post. That thing in the picture up top? The cover? It took a giant chunk of it, and the cake. Teething didn't help any. Like at all. Finally finding a use for rolling over was a neat trick, and certainly worth bonus mama paranoia points for getting on with it while sporting a nose nicely stuffed and frequently leaking (on account of that whole teething thing).

I keep thinking, as every weekend shows up on the horizon, that this is when I will find the time to do X, Y, and Z, and that the week after doesn't look too bad either. And then the weekend is here, and over before I have a chance to exhale.

Pesah starts tomorrow. Luckily, I am not hosting a seder this year. Hopefully that means I will have the time to tell you about the funky socks I got for the Sock It To Me exchange. And maybe that I will finally get the time to do X, Y, and Z. Definitely Z.


Betty M said...

I would love to meet someone, anyone, who ever actually made it through to task Z!

christina(apronstrings) said...

*You* are the only person that puts pressure on yourself to blog. We all have rss feeds-so we'll still be here. Plus, we like you.
Blog when you can.

loribeth said...

What they said. : )

I sympathize re: the toilet. Our next-door neighbours had one sitting at the side of their garage -- about two feet away from the side of OUR garage -- near the front of the house, easily visible from the street and (to the point) our car in the driveway -- for a couple of MONTHS before it finally disappeared. Drove dh absolutely batty.

loribeth said...

P.S. And it was boring white, not even an exciting pink!

Tash said...

I always try and tell myself that no one would've found that post I never got time to write and now it's too late anyway -- interesting anyway. Gets me to sleep at night, heh.

There's always next week.

Miryam (mama o' the matrices) said...

let's hear it for Z...