Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Old City

The Old City is green, which, frankly, is the adjective I was hoping to be able to use as I was thinking about it on the plane. And the City, it did not disappoint. I think my heart leaped just a little when the view first opened on the way from the airport. Which then helped make up for my very swollen feet. I mean I didn't have ankles. Let me tell you, people, those are very nice to have. Sleeping with my feet elevated helped, and today things are much better in that department.

Monkey did very well on the plane. Would've done even better if our plane wasn't delayed leaving, so that by the time they served dinner it was past 9, which, then, meant that she couldn't fall asleep till after 10. When she did, JD got her head, I got her legs, and her seat got the middle part of her. And all was good until she started turning a lot and I got hit a few times too many. That was just before they started serving breakfast, which factors combined caused me not to feel sorry at all about waking her up.

Today we got to show Monkey a few of the places that are important to us. She had a blast, as did we. More to come over the next week. I fear, however, that Monkey will ask for asylum based on the fact that they sell ice cream here on nearly every corner, there too many types to count, and each one of them is good. Same can be said about beer, which means that I can't be sure of JD's loyalty either.


meg said...

Ice cream on every corner sounds heavenly. The beer wouldn't bother me, but I'd stay for the ice cream. Glad you all survived the plane ride and hope you have a wonderful visit! I didn't grow up in the country I now live in, and I miss my homeland a lot. You're inspiring me to look into airfares!

Lori said...

It sounds wonderful. I hope your trip is filled with unforgettable memories. I know it will be bittersweet, but I am hoping for more sweet than bitter.

Your description is helping me to start guessing where the Old Country might be. :)

Sara said...

Has Monkey had a Maxibon yet? Yum-my.

Glad the plane ride went relatively well and that your ankles have returned. I'm so excited you're posting while gone!

niobe said...

Sounds like things are going well. Except maybe for your ankles.

For some reason, I expected that you wouldn't be posting while on your trip. I'm glad to see I was wrong. Has Monkey picked a favorite flavor yet?

Anonymous said...

Deutsche Land? Ceska Republika?

Adelynne said...

Neither. :)

Bon said...

yeh, i can't help myself, i'm playing the "where are we?" game, too. forgive me...i know it really doesn't matter.

wherever you are, hoping you continue to find it a happy place to be. and enjoy ice cream and beer. :)

Julia said...

I can post, but I am not home enough to do that regularly. We also walk so much that I wonder every day whether my feet will make it through.

As for where we are, I am more than happy to play the game-- email me your guesses, please. I don't have cool prizes for the winners, or anything, though. The guess by anonymous was kinda lame, though-- they have beer on just about every corner in just about every country in Europe :).

I am rather beat today, and I want to go read some of your blogs, so I will probably not post today. But maybe tomorrow :)