Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Today was a gray, wet day. A busy, crazy day. A year ago the day was bright and windy. Very windy, except for the short time we were at the cemetery-- the air was still and crisp for the duration of the short graveside service and the little extra time JD and I spent there.

JD is out of town on business. Consequently, today was too busy to allow for deep thoughts or much dwelling. But when I did think about it, what came to mind were these pictures I took last time JD was gone and we got snowed in.

This is our deck, and our deck furniture that we never got around to moving inside this fall (or any fall, to be honest). And a tree that got bent rather seriously out of shape by that storm. I was convinced it would break and take the deck with it. I suppose it would be cliche to tell you that after the snow melted the tree stood back up. But it did. I heard it creak very ominously as it bent under the weight that day, creak as if its trunk was snapping or the roots were about to come out of the ground. The tree is on the incline behind the house, with its bottom part not easily visible from the house, so I don't suppose we will really know what the storm did to it until the spring.



meg said...

Gorgeous photos. I like the bend of the tree too.

Thinking of you today, J.

thrice said...

Yes, just gorgeous. We haven't had any snow here all year and I feel so sad for the kids.

I hope monkey is enjoying it a bit.


niobe said...

Those are absolutely amazing pictures -- the contrast and forms are just wonderful.

Good thing you didn't take the deck furniture in. ;)

cobblestone said...

That is just beautiful.

I transplanted this summer from the land of snow to warmer climates. Nobody here believes me but oh how I miss the snow.

Magpie said...


We never take the deck furniture in either.

c. said...

I love fluffy snow. The photos are beautiful.

Amelie said...

wow, I love those pictures. Soo much snow, I hope you're enjoying it.

Anonymous said...

It looks a little like my yard right now.

Great photo. I love the tree.

charmedgirl said...

yeah, it is cliche, but i like it...i can relate, and those pictures are frozen and beautiful.

Tash said...

Gosh, I wish we'd get a little bit of snow. I like snow.

Thinking of you.