Friday, January 23, 2009

Heart, string, hand

I've never had any dead baby jewlery. I am nowhere near talented enough to have designed my own, and I never saw anything that spoke to me. Until, that is, I saw the Waiting Heart, designed and made by Chance.

In introducing the hearts, Chance talks about them representing our "shared, yet singular experiences". And that is what I suddenly wanted-- her vision, for herself and all of us, on the front, singular experience of my heart on the back.

Thank you, Chance! It has meant more than I can express to wear the heart, to have my younger son grab and pull at it, to trace the words, on the front and on the back, with my fingertips.

Today is Chance's birthday. Today was also the transfer day for two perfect embryos from Chance and Apollo's first surrogate cycle with the Amazing Kym, who is always happy to put the business end of her very own superheroine cape to good use. Tonight, I imagine, that use was likely a combination blanket/napkin dealie-- after all Frank the Incredible was in charge of the feast-ivities.

Happy Birthday, Chance! I wish you nothing out of the ordinary. Just that in a year's time you will be able to share with us pictures not unlike these.

Chance and Kym, for what it's worth, I am holding my breath for you through these next slightly less than two weeks, and, hopefully, beyond.

P.S. I am also over at Glow in the Woods today, talking about dreams.


Hope's Mama said...

Beautiful Julia.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, Julia.

I also hope that in a year's time, Chance is able to take some photos that resemble these.

Kymberli said...

Julia, I am speechless. Thank you for your words and support. I am sitting here with tears of gratitude. I hope and pray - we both do - that Chance will be able to post similar photos of her own soon.

Snickollet said...

The necklace and your photos are gorgeous.

Want to hear something funny, as in odd? I wear my wedding rings and John's ring on a chain around my neck. I absolutely hate it when the twins fiddle with them. It drives me insane. I feel like I should *want* them to share that tangible connection with John, one of the few objects I have that kept that was his. But I cringe when they touch the rings and ask them not to. I've been meaning to blog about this, but I'm (a) not sure what to say and (b) not sure I'm ready for the whole of the Internet to tell me what they think :).

Tash said...

I have what I refer to as my "empty hope" heart as well. You know, I wear my bracelet every day, even running, and I've worn my heart prominently on frequent occasion, and no one -- no one save Bella -- has ever asked me about either.

Snickollet, I'd be interested to read that should you ever write it. While I'm touched (metaphorically) when Bella asks about my bracelt, I'm loathe to take it off and let her handle it. Some complicated need to protect both of us from responsibility, guilt, and anger probably. I'm always deeply relieved when she hands it back.

Anonymous said...

these photos are so wonderful and sweet.

Amelie said...

So beautiful, the pictures and the necklace.

Aurelia said...

I love love love these photos. They are so incredibly beautiful.

Ok, that's it, I need to get some nice ones done myself.

Bon said...

my god, those are beautiful photos. and i am so excited, so hopeful for Chance.

Beth said...

Ah, those really are the loveliest photos. Thank you for sharing something so precious.

Cara said...

Julia - thanks for directing me to this post. What amazing timing! I will look into all this and thanks for your input!

Chance and Apollo - Everything crossed.