Friday, July 17, 2009

Free your goat Friday: 4-letter word

I've got a whole herd of tiny little goats running around. They may yet grow up to be featured on this very blog one of these Fridays. But not today. Today I've got precisely one goat that has been got. One big fat, practically obese, goat. Hey, look at that-- goat is a four letter word. So is work. Which is what got my goat this week. What a coincidence.

This week work's been like gas-- expanding to take over all available volume... err, time. Boo hoo. Things it ate? Two big blog posts. Important ones, at least to me. A ton of little things too. Like family time. Who the hell needs family time? Grrrrrrr...

Oh, well. Meeting with boss in the am. Hopefully, the crazy ends then, at least for a bit.

And how are your goats this fine day?

P.S. Oh, I seem to have lied. Oooops. Another goat. Well, a fly. An annoying one, that doesn't take a hint. It's been buzzing around my kitchen (where I sit at the table working on my laptop) for well beyond what could possibly be considered not worth a mention. Where's POTUS when you need him?

Bling borrows the image from this story.


Karen said...

In October, my dear man was promoted into a pay cut - so no more overtime pay. Now that he is working all the extra hours that come with busy season, I'm ripping mad that I do not have the extra cash in our budget to order pizza with the kids on the third night in a row that Matt won't be home for dinner. damn, it smarts, especially on a Friday.

niobe said...

Hope (another four letter word) the meeting goes well and whatever it is you're doing gets done.

Miryam (mama o' the matrices) said...

hmm. How about endless spousal discussions of an Obvious Problem, without actually ever having the Possible Solution ending?