Friday, July 31, 2009

Free your goat Friday: wet and tired

The goats of today, they are connected. I got soaking wet because it was pouring when I needed to move the car. I needed to move the car because coming into work this morning I was cutting it too close for an important meeting, and had to grab the first parking spot I could see-- a 2hr meter. I was cutting it close because I just couldn't get up this morning, which, in turn, is due to one very lovely baby boy whose nighttime antics have lately been less than lovely. Oh, and for the second day in a row weather predictions have been wrong wrong wrong, with rain arriving much earlier in the day and coming down much harder than predicted. Hence, me not grabbing the umbrella from the car when I got to work. Hence, me getting wet on the way to the car, but not on the way back. Though I must've cut a puzzling picture on the way back from moving the car-- a clearly completely soaked person under an umbrella.

Ok, so now that my poor goats are off to dry themselves and get some rest in the pastures, won't you let yours go and join them?

Bling borrows the image from this story.


Anonymous said...

I am tired of the weather, too. We have yet to have any real summer weather and the season will soon be over.

Betty M said...

Our weather men promised us a barbecue summer. We did get some in June whilst the kids were still in school. Ever since the schools broke up in July its been raining.

Amelie said...

I always carry a small "emergency umbrella" (ok, almost always). Despite that I got soaking wet up to above my knees, thanks to heavy rainfall combined with wind.

My goat? MIL dropping many hints on how much she would like grandchildren. After years of telling us how "life is over" when you have kids. Drives me nuts, both of it.

christina(apronstrings) said...

I hate mornings like that. Because they turn into days like that. Blech. Sorry, buddy.


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