Friday, July 3, 2009

Free your goat Friday: Lazy

If you are looking for me, I am in a hammock on the porch. Mind you, not my porch or my hammock-- my BIL's parents were nice enough to invite the whole clan over for the long weekend (featuring my sister's birthday today-- Happy Birthday, sister! :)), and we are all having a ball. There's a lake on the other side of the house, and the sunny weather was only interrupted by one short thunderstorm today. And did I mention that it's been years since I've been in a hammock?

And yet, I have goats.

Goat-getter the First, or Now I know what the f in aperture designation stands for

My precious, my birthday present, my macro lens! Sigh, but it seems to be too much woman complicated for my camera's tiny little brein processor. It's not happy with me changing aperture, insisting, by way of locking out my ability to take pictures any other way, that I set it to the maximal setting of 32. Not to mention that the camera can't bring itself to operate the lens in automatic mode-- something about lack of motor power directed to the right spot. But I can live without the autofocus-- this thing is a sports car, and those are way more fun with stick shift. But aperture? This is like making me drive said sports car with half the air let out of the tires. Sniffle...

Goat-getter the Second, or Careful with the mirror-- your (reflected) brilliance might blind you.

Some days I can't help myself, and I get into internet discussions with people who are not listening. (Important: this is NOT about here or anyone reading here-- this is about an Old Country language corner of the internets.) Worse, some of these people seem to be writing for the purposes of showing off how brilliant they are. They wave hands, using words such as clearly, obviously, for the most part, and in general. When you try to challenge their assumptions, or correct facts they simply have wrong, they respond with more hand waiving and side-stepping, failing to acknowledge your points. Worse, their pseudo intellectual drivel is supposedly about the plight of this group or that, which does not stop them from dehumanizing either the group they purport to defend, or some other societal group interacting with the group being defended by ascribing some rather unattractive qualities to all members of a group. If you are asking why I engage with this crap, you are not alone-- I am wondering that myself. Oh, right, I remember-- because people about whom they are talking smack are my friends. And I seem constitutionally unable to walk away and let the maligning of my friends (even if as members of a groups) go unchallenged. I need a drink.

And what has been getting your goats lately? Tell us and set them free. Let them celebrate their own Independence Day. I know-- corny. Very. Sorry. Anyway, share your goats. And if you are looking for me, try the hammock.

Bling borrows the image from this story.


Mrs. Spit said...

Pedestrians who amble across crosswalks. Especially in rush hour, and even more especially when the light has already started to turn.

G in Berlin said...

I've actually been drooling over the image of your lens on screen, thinking that maybe, possibly, I might be able to get one. Perhaps next year, after watching you use it. I think I am have at least half your disappointment!
My goat: tired husband who doesn't want to drive 3 hours each way to an expat meet up on the 4th:(.Yet has no substitute plan.

Beruriah said...

Grandparents who complain that they don't get to see their grandchild enough, and talk big stuff about being able to babysit if you move closer, and then when you leave them alone in a quiet house with the baby AFTER he's gone to bed, they send a text after 45 mins saying, "when r u coming back?" Or when they make a big deal about how the baby seems not to like him, you try to be helpful and say munificently, "Would you like to do storytime tonight with Baby Man?" and they respond with, "Oh, does this 'storytime' include changing a diaper?" And you say, "No, I just thought you might enjoy it because he'll just sit quietly next to you," and they respond, "sorry, not tonight. I want to just relax tonight." Arrgh. I LIKE story time. I was trying to help a man who seems to have difficulty bonding with his grandchild do so, NOT trying to pass off a poopy diaper or get out of something!