Thursday, June 7, 2012


Oh, how fun. I've never had this before, which is why it took me two days to figure out the strange feeling in my throat that seemed to show up out of the blue towards the evening is not the remnants of the Cub's virus. Seems I have myself a new symptom-- heartburn. Bad enough that the other day I ... how should a lady (don't laugh!) say this.... parted with the contents of my stomach in a way I am not too fond of and in a rather swift manner? Something like that, yes. And immediately ran back to the scene of the crime with paper towels lest the puppy get at the remnants of chocolate... because I didn't.. um... make it all the way to the bathroom when that... um...  came up. Sorry, oversharing. That's obviously also a symptom.

Also, because I am slow on the uptake, for the two days I was enjoying the symptoms before figuring out what's up I did not get much sleep. Hence, I crashed like a toddler after a sugar high yesterday. Bad enough that three separate attempts at kick counting all ended the same way-- with me clunked out after two kicks. For good 40 minutes to an hour. I finally got the message on the third go round and went to sleep for real.

Also, it was back, briefly, this afternoon. After I had tea. Which makes me think sad thoughts about the possibility of tea triggering it. So what am I about to do after I post this? If you said "make self a cup of tea," you win. And I am not claiming to be a genius here, though I prefer to think of this as looking for experimental confirmation rather than simply being a dumbass.  Because I am certainly not giving up this habit on the flimsy evidence collected so far. Or, you know, EVAH.

On a separate, unrelated, and much lovelier note, my friend Beruriah had her baby boy yesterday. On what Monkey gleefully pointed out was a mathematically fun 6.6.12 date. If you feel like it, please stop by and congratulate her.


loribeth said...

Oh dear. I have occasional heartburn, although never to the point of upchucking. Gaviscon works pretty well for me, & I'm pretty sure it's safe in pregnancy, although you may want to double check.

Beruriah said...

Thanks Julia! Tell Monkey we noted that, too. :)

Heather said...

I have not changed the things I eat, I just travel with tums on me at all times. (Or as my son calls them my little white pills. Better be careful who he says that in front of.) Works wonders.