Monday, June 18, 2012

They grow up so fast! (*sniff, sniff*)

The thing about falling off the wagon is that when you get back on, you feel like you must explain. Or at least I do. And my excuses? They are rarely anything but lame. This time is no exception. I fall asleep all.the.time. Truth be told, it's really more about I spend the day trying to be at least semi-productive, clearing items of various size off the to-do list (though don't ask about the big "apply for better jobs" one-- the experiences of doing that over the last couple of years leave me mostly depressed and wishing, in the rare instances when something appropriate pops up in the ads, to postpone doing of this as long as humanly possible) because I think I will be able to write a bit later in the evening. And then the evening rolls up on me, and I go clunk. Or click, like the light. See? Lame. Ok, switching gears, because really, I am bored with me and my sad tale of sleeping sickness.

So the title of the post. It is sooooo not talking about kids, mine or otherwise. But you knew that, right? This here is the long-promised fuzzy happy puppy post. Because the puppy? Is cute. Also, following JD's return suddenly a lot less crazy puppy-like in his behavior. An abrupt shift, really. Very strange and a bit disconcerting, though admittedly a lot easier to deal with.

This is one of his very first pictures this side of the pond. He flew in from the Old City, round about when he was 2.5 months old. Minutes out of the crate, and he's trying to make friends with Monkey. Right outside the cargo terminal at the airport. Monkey was a bit freaked, actually, as you might be able to tell from the awkward position of her hands. It passed, quickly, and these days she does a pretty good job bossing him around.

This next one is one of the first home shots, with a bonus glimpse of the Cub. See how tiny the dog used to be? The kid was sooooo excited for the puppy to come that when it finally happened, he was in the poor animal's face continuously, and eventually got a tiny bit nipped. He spent the next two weeks or so moving around the first floor mostly from couch to an adult and back again. Slowly, he began petting the puppy again, then playing nearby, then chasing. And now if you look up "a boy and his dog" in the great encyclopedia of cliches, you will undoubtedly see a picture of the two of them.

This is about a week later. Growing, gaining weight, taking a rare respite from getting into trouble.

About three more weeks later here. See how much more of a redhead (redbody?) he is?

The puppy is an Airedale Terrier, which, if you know anything about puppies, terriers in general, or Airedales in particular, should translate for you into plain English as "they be crazy." His name is a nerdy joke, stolen with absolutely no shame from the cartoon villain (not protagonist!) of "Despicable Me"-- his name starts with a V, and he is so named because we fully expected him to commit mischief with both direction and magnitude. (Get it? If not, congratulations, you are not a nerd! But do look up the movie and it will tell you the villain's name, and as a bonus there should be his picture in a bright orange jump suit.) If anything, V exceeded all our expectations in this area. Up until this week, that is.

About three more weeks. First doggy playdate. With a slightly older (and much bigger) Bernese Mountain dog.

And this is where we take a small break in photographic evidence and accompanying narration, to be filled in by the scary puppy post. *Cue ominous music.* On the plus side, that post is to include the cutest ever puppy-in-a-cone pic. It will also include a public service announcement and a love note to Tash
So here's the much shaggier, much bigger dog, more than a month later. This is post the incident, and post recovery therefrom. The puppy doesn't really seem worse for wear, does he? Wish I could say the same for this owner. On the other hand-- cute, no?
A dog's life's is so tough, isn't it? This is a couple more weeks and nearly the height of the shaggy-- he's about to get a haircut (hairpull, actually-- fancy Airedale grooming thing).
So grown up! Why do haircuts make cute little things look so much more grown? In my experience that happens with toddlers as well as with dogs.
Our vet called him a beautiful specimen. Not that I am biased or anything, but methinks that this pic makes it tough to argue with the assessment.
Altogether now: awwwwwwwwww!

And also? He thinks he's people.
Yesterday. Getting shaggier again. And bigger. Tough to believe, but he does still have some growing to do.

And that makes us up to date on the puppy front. If you are not a dog person, apologies for way too many pictures. If you are, I hope this was fun.

Scary puppy post coming up next. And a post on gingerly stepping back into certain elements of past lives. Also, in Mel's words, about giving a fuck. Happens to be one and the same post.

Meanwhile, today, incredible as it seems, I am at 36w 4d. That would be the same gestation as I was the evening before the night I actually gave birth to the Cub. If nothing funny happens until then, sometime tomorrow I will be more pregnant than I've been but once before. Kinda crazy. More on that later too.


Anonymous said...

So glad that you explained the name. Because my only assocation was somewhat more, um, epidemiological. Dunno if this means I qualify as a nerd or not.

Anyway, the cuteness. It burns.


Julia said...

Niobe, our vet had the exact same association. Because of which she was convinced we actually meant to name him the cartoon villain's "nerd name" (with an "i" instead of an "e").

Dunno whether that makes you a nerd of a different flavor. What do you want the answer to be? :)

erica said...

That is a darned cute puppy, and he looks awfully happy to be living with you. I have a lot of respect for anyone who adds an Airedale to their family - you are made of sterner (and braver!) stuff than I am!

Hope's Mama said...

I've been slack at commenting, but I do love that you're back.
Getting so close now. I know this gestation must be so hard.

loribeth said...

Awwwww!! indeed! We don't have a dog, but we don't dislike them either (other than the neighbours' stupid basset hound who barks & howls and gets the other neighbourhood dogs singing along in chorus right around the time we turn out the lights every night...!).

Dh has taken to watching "Pick a Puppy" lately. They sure are cute. ; )

Miryam said...

wow. never realized how true that haircut deal was for creatures other than the human smalls. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

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