Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Bravery of ignorance or sheltered idiots*-- pregnant women on a cruise ship.

Feel free to add your favorite "synonyms" and/or definitions.

*both of these are idioms in the language we speak at home, although I've had trouble finding a good translation for the second one. It's supposed to mean someone who has not been scared and is kinda cute in his/her obliviousness. Is there a better word?


Lori said...

Blissfully ignorant- maybe?

Blind innocence?

Sara said...

I think Lori has the correct idiom in English - blissfully ignorant.

I think in my current mood, pregnant woman on a cruise ship = shockingly shortsighted, irritatingly confident,I could go on all day.

But probably bravery of ignorance captures it best.