Thursday, October 11, 2007

Holy crap

Pardon the highly unoriginal title. The head of the program where I interviewed yesterday told me then than they have another candidate coming today and that they will call me early next week. Well, he lied. He called me just as we were leaving Monkey's gymnastics tonight. To offer me the job.

I was so not ready for that conversation. I am terrible at negotiating for things I want. I mumbled about my main concern, which has to do with pay and time, so you know I was not graceful. But ahhhhhhh.... I was thinking I would have the whole weekend to think about how to bring it up, and there I was, needing to come up with something to say on the spot. Very awkward, but hopefully not a huge deal-- we are supposed to get together next week face to face to talk about all these things some more. My biggest problem, and everyone should have that problem, is that I was very much take it or leave it about this job before. And now that I met all these cool people that I would be working with, I want it. Which means that my determination to get a sweet deal out of it or not take the job just went out the window.

But I do still have the whole weekend to think about things. And I am leaving on a ... in a car. Early in the morning. For a trip that promises to be very very good and very very good for me. The plan, though, was to think of the job prospect as something remote and theoretical over the weekend. Guess that's not happening anymore.

Also? These job guys are such drama queens! No, seriously, the big event of today was supposed to be my HSG. And they completely upstaged it. Not that it was hard or anything. The procedure went fine, with minimal discomfort. The plumbing looks to be in working order. Which is good news. But given that Dr.YoungGun ordered the procedure purely on the better safe than sorry theory of full workups, we actually expected an all-clear, and I was only very mildly anxious that it wouldn't be. Very mildly, and only for brief periods of time. Honest. Next up in the long slow march towards Immanuel's shining ultrasound is JD's turn. And then the conversation with Dr.B by which time we should have that five paragraph essay on JD's swimmers from the lab people.

OK, I have to go fold some laundry and get ready for my lovely trip. Will try to post over the weekend-- we are supposed to have internets where I am going.


Aurelia said...

Holy schmoley! Well, as much as you don't like the fooling he pulled on you, I'm very very glad you got the job offer. Now we just have to figure how to rehearse your poker face for negotiating purposes.

Carole said...

Congrats on the job! Glad to hear that the HSG went as expected, as well. Hope that your trip this weekend is a good an relaxing one!

Beruriah said...

Congratulations! Glad the HSG had good results. And now you can move on to hopefully more fruitful things.

But really I was talking about the j o b. I've not really had to negotiate before, so I'll just send good wishes to you and wait to hear the results.

Off for the weekend? So is Niobe. I'm jealous. Have fun.

Beth said...

Oh, that's great news on the job front: it's nice to be wanted! :-)

And on the clear HSG -- most excellent indeed.

Hope your weekend is lovely with very little stressing over the job.

slouching mom said...

Wonderful news on two fronts! Have a great weekend.

kate said...

Congrats on the job!!