Sunday, October 14, 2007

Oh, the places we go...

Slooooooooow moving traffic mere 30 mi from your destination: not helpful.

High speed internet at the hotel: good.

But only by ethernet: suboptimal.

Walking distance to good restaurants: very useful.

Vegeterian soups and freshly fried egg rolls: yummy.

A fortune you can laugh at: priceless.


(having a better photographer take the picture: much appreciated.)


Beruriah said...

Now you're both just rubbing it in. Glad you're having such a good time. What does it say about me that my first thought about this fortune wasn't about the sentiment but rather, "that should be 'an optimistic life'"?

Beruriah said...

Oops that should say "view of life."

slouching mom said...

Oh, man. Two of my favorite bloggers together?

I am JEALOUS, and I'm owning it.

Lori said...

You sneaky, sneaky gals!!

I am so glad you are having fun!