Sunday, December 2, 2007


Somehow, it is already December. Which happens to mean a number of things. First, my month of let's see if I can post every day (known to braver souls who actually signed up as NaBloPoMo) is over, and I actually made it writing a post a day. It was much less scary and much less pointless than I anticipated. Now that it's over I would like to try to keep up posting on most days, but I won't be too upset if I miss a couple here and there.

December also means the Big Week of Appointments is here. Urologist for JD tomorrow, my repeat u/s for Immanuel on Tuesday, and we see the RE on Wednesday. Hopefully, there will be a schedule and a plan. Somehow we made it here, and I am not yet completely insane. But I really don't think I will be very good at handling any additional delays. So let's not have any. OK? OK.

There is snow on the ground. Actual white snow. And it's not melting or anything. It really is December. And it is hard to believe that last weekend we were doing things like these.
Climbing the wall. This is the first day, when I didn't make it all the way up. This is just about how high I made it. Oh, and I am still collecting guesses as to the style I ripped off on the entry that describes the experience. Please feel free to submit your guess. In fact, I would appreciate it if you did.

This is a closeup. I am only including it because my ass looks much smaller in this picture than it has gotten to be in real life. Sad, I know.

Can you spot the fish in this one? Hint: it seems to have succeeded in that whole evolutionary adaptation business.


This was shortly after I did make it all the way up the wall the next day. I missed taking pictures of the sunset itself, but the sky was still playing with shapes and colors for a good half hour after the sun appeared to have gone into hiding.


Snickollet said...

I really want to go on vacation now.

Hoping for good things from all the medical appts.

Beruriah said...

It certainly is the Big Week of Appointments. All around. I've put in your order for no more delays. We'll see how that works out. My influence seems to be fading.

For what it's worth on the wall guessing: if I had read the book recently (and I now realize I did read it as a teenager) I would have totally guessed without your hint.

What's with all your complaining? From what I can see from the shot, you look strong and healthy and you made it up the whole damn wall.

I think the fish is one of the skinny green things. The furthest one on the left, with the bluish stripe.

slouching mom said...

love that last picture.

and look at you, climbing that wall! and rockin' it!

good luck this week. i too will cross my fingers for no more delays.

slouching mom said...

oh, and about the other post? my only guess is salinger. but i don't think that's right.

niobe said...

I love your pics. I'd even invest in an underwater camera for myself. That is, if I ever went underwater.

Lori said...

Sad!! Look at you climbing that wall!! Impressive is the word I would use!

Bon said...

regarding the other post...i am apparently illiterate. loved the post, but have no clue.

as for the waiting, may it end and end soon. i feel you.

Tash said...

Lord, do I need a vacation. Isn't it horrible to come back from a place where time is rather meaningless, you have all the time in the world to climb walls, and enjoy sunsets, and investigate fishes, to a place where time can't move fast enough. That said, I love the photos. Will look into said camera for next water-related break.

meg said...

Delays are horrible! Mine is delayed and I hope by commenting here, you won't "catch it" from me.

The wall is very impressive. Really. And I love the photos. My favorite one, is the one with the sunglasses.

ms. G said...

I love your pictures! But they are making me sick for a vacation.

As for the rock climbing wall, WOO HOO! You go! We use to live literally down the street from a rock climbing gym and we always wanted to try it, but we never did. I'm glad to see you did it.

Coggy said...

I want a holiday now too, thank you for sharing the pics they're good.

I hope all goes well this week. No delays!

Anonymous said...

I hope the week of appointments go well.

I love the underwater shots.

christina(apronstrings) said...

good luck today and tomorrow. man, those pics are great. and very much make me miss climbing. and the bum i *used* to have.
*sigh* where have all the cute bums gone?