Thursday, June 7, 2007

From the body snatchers files

Dear body,

I am not thrilled with the whole beginning to turn into a slug thing. However, I do understand that this is what comes with when thyroid takes that long-awaited 180° turn. I do want to add that I am both gratified and relieved to hear that I should, therefore, be done with the whole heart medication nonsense in about a week and a half. Which is, admittedly, handy as I would much appreciate said teratogenic medication leaving my system before my next ovulation (ETA=<4 weeks), such that we can give ourselves and the world a chance to wonder about our sanity by trying for this whole take home baby thing again. But, body, would it be too much to hope for to be at least partially conscious while all of this goes on? Ok then, don't worry about it.


The Tenant


niobe said...

You can't catch a break, can you?

But at least you'll be off the heart medication soon.

S. said...

Bodies. You can't live with 'em ....

Oh, wait.

Nevermind me.

Good news (potentially) about the heart medication.

Aurelia said...

Turning a corner is good, because you're done with the old, but can suck because sometimes you tilt and topple over.

Here's to being done with the old!

Lori said...

This makes me feel tired just reading it.

You know, I hadn't even realized how out of sync I have felt with my body for the past several years until I finally started feeling in sync again. It's an odd thing to feel so little control over our "self."

Becca said...

I understand what you are saying and I meant no offense. Did you read the rest of my entry? My husband and I, too, lost a child, so I can empathise, I hope that is the right word. Thank you for taking the time to leave a message on my blog. I am not a bad person. Honest. Take care,