Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Fun with calendar

Jewish days start the night before, meaning they go sundown to sundown, rather than according to the rigid requirements of a clock. By that math (and soon-- by any math), yesterday was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

It started with my plane being delayed hours, causing me to get home at an ungodly hour. And wouldn't you know that even though all I wanted to do once I got home was to ahem.. spend some quality time with my husband, said husband then proceeded to make a single throw away remark that pushed a button, hard, leading to prospects of quality time diminishing exponentially. Add in a number of small annoyances discovered on my way upstairs, and it was all over with.

In the morning, I discovered that there was orange juice spilled over half of the fridge, and you should have heard Monkey (in person) and JD (on the phone-- he ran off to work early) try to blame that one on each other. That was pretty humorous, actually. And of course, who could forget finding out that my daughter wore leggings (as in kind of short, as in bright white against her somewhat tanned skin) to her preschool graduation instead of tights I told both of them she should wear with her nice fancy light yellow dress? Add that in and we have one fine morning indeed.

The middle part was not bad, actually-- I had a nice talk with the head of Monkey's school for next year. But then I went to find out about getting a job for myself. The job I did for the very same department twice before. The job I did very well. The job I was pretty sure I could have just for the asking. But what I found out was that the chair black listed me. For, the first time I was doing this job, not mincing words about someone who was doing the same job horrifically badly, and who, you will notice, is no longer there.

Ok then. I like the students, and I like some other aspects of this job. At this point, I also liked that I would have a job I know. But the departmental politics I could totally live without. So I am looking now. I have half the mind not to look, to do something small like tutoring to make some money and to take it easy for a while. But I am still early enough in my career that a gap would be noticeable, and so I am looking. Wish me luck.

P.S. While I was gone, I was subject to my very first click-by trolling (the last comment there). I am tempted to respond because you know..., and tempted not to respond because I think she won't get anything I have to say. I should probably try to lean a little harder in that direction, ha?


niobe said...

This sounds, uh, basically kinda sucky, especially the job thing. This is really not what you need right now. And, even under the best of circumstances (which this clearly is not), looking for a job is not fun and can be more exhausting and draining than actually having a job.

I hope your search is very short and extremely successful and that those evil people in the department realize, too late, that they made a huge mistake by not hiring you.

Oh, and that comment? Some people just don't get it. In fact, some people are either stupid or malicious -- or, perhaps, in her case, both. Why she feels the need to say things like that is beyond me. Though, you're probably right that responding to her is futile,since she'll won't be able to understand anything anyone says or see why what she's done is just plain nasty.

Aite said...

Remember how a friend of ours liked to say, "My day/week/etc. has just improved"? I hope things happen for you to be able to say the same, and soon.

Lori said...

Well, like Alexander, you could opt to move to Australia. :)

I'm sorry you are having to face yet another big decision, as in what to do on the job front. To heap that on the top of grief sounds, well... awful!

And if there is one thing you have never sounded to me, it is bitter. And I won't even go into the hypocrisy of criticizing someone else's perspective, but then stating that you do not want to be criticized for yours. Hmmmm...

Sara said...

Aargh. Anything in life involving "departmental politics" is sure to suck. I'm sorry about this though. My sister had a similar experience recently - and just heard from a friend in the department that students were complaining vehemently about her absence. While that's a good thing for the ego, it doesn't pay well. I hope your search is super short.

As for the comment, whatever. You have a beautiful attitude. We've been kicked HARD by life and have every right to moments of bitterness, especially about asinine "well-meaning" pop culture philosophy. I'm with Niobe, though, responding wouldn't accomplish anything. You didn't need her canned wisdom, and the world will not be made better by the Starbuck's version of it. It certainly won't help us with the profoundly difficult task we have of remaking peace with the world.

I have so much more to say about that, but I won't, at least today.

Aurelia said...

See, and I just went and responded...bad me. Feel free to delete it if you like Julia, I just had a thought that you should check your statcounter after this and see what comes up? Like maybe a static IP address from a large coffee company? They've been to my blog, and my post on the subject.

Anyway, sorry about the job thing, I hate departmental type politics interfering with our lives. I'm sure it does absolutely no good in the long run, for them or you. :(

That said, I think you will find a much much better job in the end.

Julia said...

Thank you, everyone!

Niobe, this is exactly the part of it that makes me want to cry-- I wasn't counting on having to expand energy looking for a job. Well, along with the part where I think caring for decorum over substance is, shall we say, not exactly the right tack to take for a department chair. Or anyone else.

Lori, Australia sounds kind of fun, except I don't think I could stand the sight of another plane right now.

Sara, that sucks about your sister. She has my sincere commiseration, and hopes for quick and gainful employment. And I found that double standard pretty amusing as well.

Aurelia, that was classic. I hope you got some satisfaction from mentally punching that particular bean bag.

Adelynne said...

...I should not have found out about the job thing from your blog, I'm pretty sure.

Julia said...

Adelynne, when picking you up from the airport I would rather hear about how your trip went than what you think of moral fiber and character of a certain faculty member we both know, is all...

missing_one said...

Talk about life stressors this year.
I'm sending good thoughts....did you get them yet? *whack* oh, there they are.

as for the comment. I agree with the whole bitterness..people don't get it, but we have a right to be bitter, ya know?