Saturday, September 1, 2007

All the cool kids are doing it

I believe they call it viral something or other, but the point is, Slouching Mom put forth a challenge yesterday, although I first saw it at Niobe's this morning (for my blogroll is alphabetical) whose entry rocks hardcore-- on content, rhyme, and rhythm. And lo, the word went far and wide, and it was good.

So here is my attempt at a 26-word poem where every word starts with the subsequent letter of the alphabet. I admit, upfront, to having to use a thesaurus to complete the last line. Blame my ESL issues, or call it cheating-- completely your choice. And please, go check out the others.

Long Ago

Advancing back,
Circling drain.
Every fight gets harder.

I just kill love,
My need of presence
Quietly replaced.

Stoic, tense. Unwise?
Vapid waif, xyloid yowling zoetrope.


slouching mom said...

Lovely, Julia.

"I just kill love"


Kyla said...

Beautiful. Well done!

Beruriah said...

Nice Julia.

meg said...

This is awesome, though I'm not entirely sure what xyloid means! And yes, yours rocks hardcore too.

Magpie said...

Yes, "I just kil love" is amazing.


niobe said...

And "every fight gets harder" is great too.

Beruriah said...

So I still love your poem. But I also loved your comment over at Wannabe Mom's but don't want to spark that up again. The thought of you, or any of us, being "deluded" when it comes to reproductive health makes me laugh.