Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Four weeks

My OB gave me a name of an RE. I spent last night worrying about whether I should worry about the RE, Dr.YoungGun, having only graduated med school in '98. But he seems to be a blatant overachiever-- he has papers up the wazoo (last one, accepted but not yet published is about reducing multiple pregnancies in IVF-- me lieky), so much so that there shouldn't be any room up there for his equally numerous awards; he is on faculty of the Fancy Med School, etc. etc. So I am leaning towards not worrying about his youth and inexperience (yes, I know some cultural references from before my time in this country).

Since it's the same hospital, giving the RE's office my hospital record number meant the dead baby story came up on their screen, and I didn't have to give details. While she was pulling up the record, she asked me how long we have been trying. I started with "I have PCOS." She said "Ok, PCOS," indicating there wasn't going to be "it's too early for you to see a specialist" in any case. Then she looked at the record while I recounted my ovulation going AWOL, and didn't question me on the veracity of my conclusion that I am stuck rather than just experiencing a long cycle. His first available was October 11th, though, so that is my current appointment date. But she was nice enough to immediately say that she will put me on the cancellation list. So theoretically it could be earlier, but practically, I seem to be looking at a 4ww. I am not as frustrated as I was afraid I would be. The receptionist who booked my appointment was as nice as she could've been. The wait is "only" four weeks-- I was secretly afraid it would be much more. And it's nice to start the New Year (Jewish one, for those of you who think I just lost the last of my marbles) with a plan.

My wishes to all of you, all of us, for a good and sweet year. As my sister says, this one will not be hard to beat, but here's to hoping next one will bring happiness and joy to those of us in desperate need of both.


niobe said...

I hope a cancellation lets you get an earlier appointment, but four weeks, in the grand scheme of getting appointments with REs is not all that bad.

You definitely have a good hospital. Better than mine, anyway. While I'm sure they know my story, it doesn't make them one bit nicer to me.

Beruriah said...

I really like the way this relationship with Dr. YoungGun is starting out. Score on the receptionists - like Niobe said, familiarity doesn't always breed helpfulness, so that's wonderful to hear. I know nothing can really happen fast enough right now, but 4 weeks will be here so soon! The holidays will keep you busy - especially with Monkey in the new school.

I share your wishes and hopes for the new year.

meg said...

Four weeks is pretty darn good and the fact that you are on the cancellation list is great. It does happen.

I had 3 months wait with the miscarriage specialist...and they had moved me up 2 months, because of my story...and I ended up canceling (so someone else would have gotten that spot--I hope they gave it to someone who really needed it). I kept checking in with them about cancellations (I know I was a pain, but I was desperate). It keeps you at the front of their mind, but I bet now that they have read your file that you'll be there anyway.

If this makes you feel any better, there is one RE here (who does IVIG) and his wait is 10 months. So for those who need it, they have to wait or travel to where they can get it.

I hope the time passes quickly for you and I love your new year wishes, I hope for the same for you.

thrice said...

1) Go here and click on your state and then your clinic to get the 2005 success rates for your clinic.

2) Find out if your clinic has a mandatory orientation program. If so, reserve a spot now, so you won't have to wait for that too.

Almost more important is the lab. If the embryologist sucks you'll never get pregnant. Which is why you want to check out the link above. 4ww seems pretty standard for anyone decent. Find out how your cycle will work. Will you need to be on BCP, Lupron? Or can you go straight into a cycle? Will the cycle be on your cycle or do you have to fit in with their cycle-schedule. Also does their lab shut down for the x-mas holidays, as in for a week-or-two? Are they open a weekends? What happens if you need to do a retrieval/transfer on a Sunday?

Ignore any of the above assvice that you don't need.

Beth said...

The RE sounds promising!

Hoping that the coming year is filled with peace and joy.

Lori said...

As hard as waiting can be, I agree that 4 wks doesn't sound too awful. I am going to be keeping my fingers crossed that this young hotshot will live up to his reputation!

Happy New Year to you too! I am not technically Jewish, but I like to claim that piece of my spiritual heritage in anyway that I can. If I could figure out a way to be a Jewish -Christian, I would do it in a heartbeat!

Bon said...

a good and sweet year, indeed,'s hoping.

Gina said...

I hope the four weeks goes quickly.

Aurelia said...

Happy New Year!

And I think the good part about 4 weeks is that it gives you a chance to get your diet and etc. a chance to start working. I know I always panic if I'm to see a Doc very quick and realize I really need to lose five pounds, get a pedicure, shave my legs...

You know, all those important things that are critical to one's health. ;)

Yes, you guessed it, I'm the woman in the ER with massive bleeding wounds who really does worry more that her underwear might have a hole in it.

Yankee T said...

L'shanah Tovah. I hope the four week time frame flies by.