Monday, September 24, 2007

Silent scream

I had a busy day today, and I didn't check my blogs until late afternoon. On my phone, because it seemed easier than trying to speak to all these other moms I didn't know at the synagogue event for the families with children in K. I didn't expect to read that Meg and her husband suffered another unimaginable loss-- their much loved and longed for daughter was born too fast and too soon, and left them only three hours later.

Trying to comprehend that news in a room full of laughing children and at least one pregnant mom wasn't really working, and eventually I just put my head into my hands. I thought that I was picking apples, joking with friends, sleeping, shopping, cooking, and cooking some more all while Meg's daughter was coming and leaving, leaving Meg's and D's hearts and lives shattered. Again. The split screen going in my head was incongruous and breathtaking, stuff of horror movies.

If only.


Aurelia said...

Oh Julia, you are such a beautiful writer on such a tragic and sad event.

Thank you for this.

niobe said...

I just want it, somehow, not to be true.

Beruriah said...

Me too, to what you, Aurelia, and Niobe said. My heart is truly broken.

Lori said...

It keeps going through my mind too. It feels so unreal, and yet all too real.