Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pain is good

Well, it can be. Or, at least, it can be useful. I've had this annoying funny thing going in my left lower abdomen. It started way back when I thought it was ovulation twinges. Then I figured out how truly fucked I am, and wondered occasionally why that thing was still there. By Rosh Hashana it became noticeable, and I decided it might be a fibroid. By Yom Kippur services it was already somewhat painful and really annoying. Enough that I resolved to call the clinic on Monday and see if they could give me an ultrasound before my appointment with Dr.YoungGun, which, if you were bored and keeping track, was scheduled for October 11th. The nice nurse agreed that it sounds like a fibroid and that letting it grow for weeks longer is going to make it that much harder to shrink later, but explained that they can't give me tests before I see the doc because insurance doesn't like them doing it. She would, however, try to ask the receptionist to squeeze me in earlier for my appointment. Today the pain is beyond simply annoying, and into "driving is seriously not fun" category. So I called again. And, glory be, they are squeezing me in Friday afternoon. Two days from now. Wow. Better start filling out those forms.


Lori said...

Good luck on Friday!! Glad they are squeezing you in!

I'll be sure to check in when I return after the weekend.

slouching mom said...

Yep. This I know. Mine is 6cm -- too large to remove. So I'm on progesterone to try to shrink it.

Hope yours is little and easily dealt with.

Beruriah said...

Eek. Ouch. I hope it is small enough to not be a major hindrance to you. Seems nothing can be easy right now.

I'm very glad you got an earlier appointment though!

Aurelia said...

Hmmm, maybe fibroid, or maybe something else, easier to deal with. Crossing my fingers for you!

thrice said...

I'm glad that your appt was moved up. I hope that the pain doesn't accelerate. I hope whatever-it-is that it's easily dealt with.