Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hurry up and wait

I did a good job not freaking out about what the test results are going to show. Up until now. Last week I told myself it was too early to freak out. Over the weekend we had guests or went to someone's house every day. Tuesday morning I started to freak out, but then I had errands. Including going for those tests. Which is how I got over the morning freakout-- by telling myself it's silly to freak out over tests I haven't done yet. Then Tuesday night and yesterday I was preoccupied with the whole first day of school thing. So I even took it in stride when the results weren't back yesterday afternoon. I figured I can hold on for one more day. I was so proud of myself for not even calling until after 4 o'clock. Very patient of me, no? But guess what? The results are not back today. They (the lab) promised them (my doctor's office) to try to get them done by tomorrow. They (my doctor's office) promised to call them (the lab) early in the day to see whether they are done and whether they can fax the results. But now I am feeling myself tense up and go into the full-on freakout mode.

It's all about time now. I am fairly certain the results are going to show that PCOS is large and in charge. Which means I will need to find an RE. Which means I will have to call my OB for a recommendation and maybe a note from the teacher that would get me in ahead of the line. Which means that if I don't get the blasted results until tomorrow late afternoon, I can't call Dr.B until Monday. Which means that I will spend the weekend wondering about whether Dr.B can help me, when would I be able to see someone if he can't, and whether there will even be any hope of me getting a due date sometime in '08. So if you are in the neighborhood this weekend, you might want to lock your liquor supply up. Just sayin'.


Beruriah said...

Ack. I'm starting to dread weekends, actually, because the doctor's office is closed. Sad Sad.

You will be making a squeaky wheel of yourself first thing in the morning, won't you?

I'm finding that while my patience may help out stressed receptionists, nurses, and billing specialists, it doesn't help me a darn bit.

I hope hope hope you get some answers tomorrow.

Carole said...

I hope that you get your answers tomorrow. Waiting for results is so maddening.

Beth said...

Oh my very least favorite activity ... hoping you will get the results asap.

slouching mom said...

I will be crossing my fingers for you and hoping for good news, and SOON.

Lori said...

Oh crap. I hate waiting, of any kind, but this sounds particularly torturous.

Okay, so let's say the PCOS has reared its ugly head. That doesn't necessarily mean your OB can't try to help you first, does it? He can certainly prescribe Metformin. Would that be the first plan of attack? You could at least get on that while you wait to see an RE. Right?

Julia said...

Thanks, everyone.

Lori, I am on Met. Avandamet, actually (Avandia + Metformin). I can't loose weight any other way, and now I am gaining despite a hearty dosage... More evidence for the worst case, right? If I am stuck cycle-wise, I am afraid it's hard drugs time. Yippeeeeeee!

Lori said...

Oh, rats!! You sure you can't just move out here to the PNW and I can hook you up with my Dr. Wonderful??

I did Pergonal, carefully monitored with ultrasound, and combined with IUI to conceive Big J, the twins, and Baby Girl. I understand what it means to move to the big guns, and I'm here for you.

niobe said...

Well, even before you get the results, couldn't you call Dr. B. for some RE recommendations? After all, it's possible that at some point, whatever the tests show, that you'll want to see an RE. Even if, in the end, it turns out not to be necessary, at least you'll have the names and can start seeing what you can find out about them.

Aurelia said...

I'm with Niobe, simply because an RE's office means you get the blood test results same day, and they also may have some ideas about medication and treatment options that you haven't tried yet.

Whatever the test results, get a consult anyway. It's a big step, but it can't hurt, right?

meg said...

Julia, if you've found a RE that you think sounds good, you could call them up and get on the waiting list. They might do it, even without the letter--if they know it's coming. Just talking to them and finding out how long the wait will be, might make you feel better?

Also, I got my referral from my naturopath and I only had to wait a couple of days (I know, not normal, but with cancellations--you never know). Or maybe it was just explaining my situation that got me in the door quickly?

Either way, I understand the freak outs--I truly do. It's so frustrating that it's a hurry up and wait thing. Just having a plan, made me feel soooo much better.

Oh and I saw this new RE, while I was on the waiting list for the miscarriage specialist (which was a long wait). I know it might be unethical to be making appts. with 2 doctors, but I just wanted some freaking help (and I did tell the new RE about the specialist). He was cool with it.