Friday, January 4, 2008

NVTs (updated)

So we know about DBTs (dead baby thoughts). But see, I discovered a new and improved way to carry a ball of nervous energy at one's core. It's called NVTs-- non-viable thoughts. Anyone who doesn't have enough things to worry about, and to whom this condition pertains, are welcome to borrow both the thoughts and the acronym. Although I am sure nobody actually wants any of that.

The root of all this is that my insurance stuff is still not cleared up. I don't have the cards, and I don't even have the benefits letter I was promised yesterday. This letter is purported to have the magical powers of making health care providers render you needed services but await some pre-determined date to bill your insurance for said services. In the absence of the letter, I am too chicken to go get another beta. My first and only one was last Friday.

So having no data to assure me of normal development, and having no noticeable nausea, which usually comes on early and strong for me, I am oscillating between thoughts of ectopic, blighted ovum, and, just for good measure, and because the first beta was pretty strong for 12dpo, molar.

I made myself call my OB's nurse, and she called me back, and took down all the dates, and will talk to him and call me back. I asked for an ultrasound next Friday, before JD leaves on his trip. We'll see how that works out.

Meanwhile, why can't the benefits person just pick up her phone?

Update:Ahhhh... much better now. The answer to the last question turned out to be because she recently moved offices and the behemoth bureaucracy hasn't gotten its act together enough to ensure her phone works. So it's a good thing I got too antsy to sit still and went over there myself. So I have the letter, and I took the shuttle to the lab and had my test done, and while I was there, Nurse Kind called. Turns out Dr.Best didn't want to have the u/s next week because he won't be the one doing it next Friday. So he wanted the 18th, but JD will still be gone. Some other options were considered, but eventually JD said to go ahead without him, and so the u/s is scheduled for the 18th. So now we wait for the second beta. And work. I am drowning in work.


niobe said...

How about EITs? That is, evil insurance company thoughts. Hope that's cleared up soon.

Bon said...

i hate waiting, and while the whole insurance thing baffles me...hell, here in Canada (at least here in outer Rubber Boot, population 3) you can't even get a beta unless you've had three m/cs or they have u/s evidence to suggest you will have one soon: it's just not standard...i will say i totally empathize and sympathize with the awful NVTs. they suck.

they are also, often, only bogeymen.

hell, the high beta could be twins, you know. that's not exactly something bad, though scary in a different way! ;)

i hope the person responsible for getting you the letter gets in touch real soon.

Amelie said...

ouch, that sucks. I hope the insurance guys speed up soon.

Magpie said...

I am sorry that you are drowning in work - but does it help keep the NVTs at bay?

Good luck with the beta and the u/s.

Waiting Amy said...

Sitting here having NVTs regularly. Hoping they are all for naught for both of us.

Glad you finally have your letter and more data in the works!

Tash said...

EIT's, heh. Ours would qualify. Please post the follow up beta numbers so I don't get IMBBNTs (It Must Be Bad News Thoughts).

wannabe mom said...

ugh. insurance company woes have me up the wall. i'm glad you have the letter in hand. and i have the NVTs daily.

christina(apronstrings) said...

ohmygah i HATE insurance companies at the moment. though, at least i got to get a little confirmation. i am sorry that you had to go over there, but i am glad that you did.
GL on the 18th, mine is on the 14th. HOW will we make it to next week??? especially without drinking.

Anonymous said...

I am hoping that the new beta numbers will but the NVT's to rest a little.