Monday, July 2, 2007

Foul mood

Apparently, I don't need fertility medication to turn into a bitch on wheels. Just ask my husband.

In my defense?
1) I am not really sure what this cycle is doing. I think my thyroid going hypo did something funky to this cycle. The last one was much easier to read than this one.

2) We conceived A on the first try. Because it took us over two years to conceive Monkey, that was messing with my head. I mean, infertile people don't get pregnant on the first try, right? It is now messing with my head in the complete opposite way, if you can follow it. I can get pregnant the first time. I want to get pregnant the first time.

3) I just finished a course of antibiotics to temporarily clear out group B strep (GBS) that was in residence on my cervix as of late May. It's a mostly harmless bacteria that a lot of people are colonized with. But it's dangerous to newborns, so mothers who are known carriers are put on antibiotic drips for the delivery. Except that the pathologist found enough of it in A's amniotic fluid (taken by amnio while membranes were still intact) and tissues that she listed it as a contributory cause of death. Bacteria is not supposed to be able to get inside, but this was the third case at my hospital where they found it. In the first two it was the cause of death. The plan from my OB is to give me antibiotics every time he finds these buggers through any subsequent pregnancy. My GP thought we should start with a clean slate, so she took the test, found them (no big shock), and gave me antibiotics. Presumably, I am now GBS-free, but I have no idea for how long. So I am more invested in this cycle than I ever was in any cycle. And see (2) above for contributory factor.

But being freaked out is apparently not the best way to get along with men... Who knew?


Bon said...

no, funny, freaking out never really puts anyone at my house "in the mood" either, so to speak.

it's a pity that copious amounts of alcohol aren't advised when trying to conceive, huh?

i hear you. and my fingers are crossed. but go as easy on yourself as you can, 'kay?

Sara said...

I've been learning lately too that "being freaked out" isn't great for interpersonal relationships.

I think some wine would be okay.

That sucks about your cycle. I'll be crossing my appendages for you as well. No real advice other than what Bon already said (and if you learn how to do that, please share).

Aurelia said...

About that Group B strep, did your husband get treated too? Whether he's positive or not upon being swabbed...he should be treated at the same time as you otherwise, you are just passing it back and forth to each other, and never really getting free of it.

It gets passed around by medical instruments, etc, basically anything that touches your parts, should be scrubbed or sterilized, or in the case of husbands, medicated.