Saturday, July 21, 2007

Murphy called

He wants his law back.

We came back today to what was supposed to be two packages of Harry Potter, one ordered by JD months ago, and one by my sister because I didn't think JD placed the order yet, and she has free shipping (and they have a no-cancellation policy). So two packages expected. And, yes, as you have no doubt guessed, none arrived.

I started rereading the older books on vacation, but only got through the first couple. British edition, though (thanks, sis!). I forgot or didn't catch a bunch of nice little details the first time through, which is why I was rereading in the first place. But I was going to stop and switch to book 7 today. Guess I have till Monday now to get through a bit more of the older books. I just have to carefully avoid any place or person that might give things away.

Going to bed to read for a while now. It might even help me stop wondering whether this was really a chemical, what with a strange start to this period, a pretty heavy flow for two days now, and a faint second line I noticed on the HPT when I went to throw it away today (I know I am not supposed to be looking at it days later, but it was just laying there since Wednesday morning when I didn't see anything).


Sara said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear it might have been a chemical. I hope the flow has calmed.

I reread the old books in anticipation too. Fortunately Josh picked up our HP Friday night and I read the whole thing yesterday. I'll probably reread it when he's done - I didn't skim but I was definitely reading for the end.

Missing said...

If you have them delivered to a PO Box, they won't be there until Monday.
If it helps, I'm having weird things going on in "that" department as well. Although I know it probably doesn't.

Have you retested? Even if you were pregnant, I would assume you would still have the hormone in your system for it to show up on a test?
If anyone knows, I'd like to know the answer.

Julia said...

The address was our house, so no excuses. My sister tells me they did that last time too with a few unfortunate people, and refunded their money. So there's at least that.

I don't think there is a point in retesting. The period arrived the day after I took the test, and the line on that was so faint, I didn't even notice it then. I will just have to follow my progesterone much closer next time, with several tests to make sure I get the peak number. I know experimentally what peak numbers are good enough to get me to week 5 before I start supplementation, and if I don't get to those during next mid-luteal, I will start the suppositories early. I am not a fan of them, but if I need them, I need them.

niobe said...

This hardly seems fair. Any of it, really.

I didn't even want the HP book, yet it showed up on the kitchen table. (my sister-in-law decided to buy it, though she had no intention of reading it). If only I'd read this sooner, I would have given you mine. Yeah, I know that doesn't help at all.

Lori said...

Oh... shoot. It starts to feel pretty rotten when even the smaller things seems to go awry.

Don't worry- I won't ruin anything for you since I probably won't get around to reading it for awhile. I want to re-read the last few again, and I am the sort of person who doesn't mind knowing the ending before I read it.

Bon said...

i'm sorry, Julia...all around.

Aurelia said...

Oh crumbs, I'm sorry...can I ask, why not just start the prometrium or the suppositories early? Never mind the testing...just take it. If you don't like the kind you were using, just use a different one, like crinone?