Sunday, July 29, 2007

Spies like us

So my sister is getting married next summer. I thought that would be an excellent thing to use to try to put my mother off the scent of us trying. I told her that the doc said 6 months, which he did, and then I had my sister tell her that I was "mad" at her because it didn't make any sense to try in a way that would give us a baby before the wedding, so we will have to wait to miss it. Was very proud of self because my mom? She is a worrier. I know that my next pregnancy will be very hard for her, and it is likely to therefore be even harder on me. So this? This was a perfect plan-- in case I did get pregnant such that the due date would be before the wedding, I would save my mother a few weeks of worrying.

Enter my friend Natalie. She is good friend, and a mother of one of Monkey's best friends. And she talks to my mother once in a while. See if you can follow this now: my sister called to tell me that my mother told her that someone told her that we tried and it didn't work last month. Of course there was no question on who "someone" is. I called Natalie and bit her head off. She said she didn't think this was secret information. It wasn't secret from her because I found out while on the summer week with friends and promptly had a boatload of cocktails that evening. And a day from hell the next day, as the first day of my period always is.

It's not that I mind my mother knowing when I do get pregnant. I just (1) didn't want my pregnancy, whenever it will actually start, to start for her now, and (2) I was enjoying thinking that I had a little bit of privacy left. My friends knew of what the doctor actually told us, and so I knew that they would be watching me very carefully. I just wanted to not have my mother involved in this as well.

So I bit Natalie's head off. And then I called my mother to tell her that she should've called me, and not my sister. Whereupon I was informed that she didn't buy the sister act, and she knew we were going to try in August anyway, and that July try is already past. Damn. Of course, this is the woman who called me the day I got my positive test results with A to ask me whether she needed to book vacation time for sometime in March. She saw me the week before and thought I looked pregnant. I did throw up that day, but this is still impressive, no?

So it appears that my attempts at lessening her anxiety were never going to work. I still think Natalie deserves the head-biting-off, but I think I will call her now and tell her that I am not as mad as I was before.


niobe said...

I think I get it. But I'm easily confused.

delphi said...

If you read my archives, you will see all of the espionage and counter-espionage maneouvers that I used while attempting to concieve. The subsequent pregnancy microscope was too much for me to handle, thus the attempt to throw everyone off the scent. I have no idea if any of it worked, but I didn't have any unhelpful friends reveal my secrets like your Natalie did. I always think it is best to err on the side of caution and never mention other couple's procreation plans in mixed company.

Beruriah said...

Well this is a familiar story. Are you sure you're not a part of my family or our circle of friends? There's no point in trying to keep anything a secret. Natalie did deserve the chastisement, but should be forgiven as well. It sucks that this is going to contribute to the long pregnancy feeling.