Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Flying high and other exercises in divination

When a week ago we decided that I would go to my parents' with Monkey, it meant two things on top of that simple statement-- 1) no mid-luteal progesterone draw, and 2) we fly back on day 12 past ovulation. That's today, and we are home.

The last couple of days in the Parent City have been rainy and miserable. Didn't stop Monkey from having loads of fun, of course, but it did mean a rocky take-off this morning. And a severe case of nausea ever since. Which may or may not mean anything other than we had a rocky take off this morning.

My boobs are a little sore, I had a few mild episodes of nausea in the last couple of days, and this morning I had heartburn, which only ever happened to me before when I was pregnant with A. But, and this is brought to you directly by our friendly neighborhood TMI department, I also had strange secretions today which I hope were not evidence of corpus luteum dissolving. Because that would indicate not only this cycle going bust, but also a somewhat troubling shortening of the luteal phase. Now, isn't this fun?

I was trying to talk myself into postponing the ritual peeing on a frog... err, stick until Thursday, but seeing as I don't have that mid-luteal progesterone number, I think I should try to get two blood draws in this week. If the stick says there is a point to it, of course. If it says there isn't, I think I will still do a blood draw just to avoid wondering about a chemical, like last month. So that's tomorrow. And until then it's all tea leaves and coffee grinds around here.


niobe said...

Well, for what it's worth, I asked my magic 8 ball if you were pregnant. Its answer: outlook good.

Bon said...

i don't have a magic 8 ball, so i'll just sit here holding my breath. get back to me soon, please, swami Julia.

Beruriah said...

No magic 8 ball here either. My personal TMI dept reports that "strange secretions" have preceded all my positives.

Fingers crossed tightly....

meg said...

I can't find my magic 8 ball
(it's somewhere in the man cave studio), but I'm sending you positive vibes for a positive!

Fingers (hell, everything in my body that crosses) crossed for you.

S. said...

It doesn't work when you pee on the frog?

Julia said...

You guys all crack me up. Thanks-- I needed that. And thanks for the good wishes.
One more sleep till the verdict. Ta-da.

S, the way I heard it, that was the old-time pg test-- pour urine on the frog. If it dies, you are pregnant. Something about hCG must be bad for the critters. I should look it up, I guess. But in the meantime, I'll take the stick any day. Just saying.

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