Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pink Grapefruit Margaritas

Sometimes a rough take off is just a rough take off.

I am really starting to hate the HPTs. This one was so virginally white, I couldn't even begin to guess as to where that second line should've appeared. I am not bothering to go for a blood draw today-- I will be near my doctor's tomorrow, and I will come in for a draw then.

We have company tonight, so it will probably be civilized wine at dinner, and margaritas after they leave and Monkey goes to bed. I bought the mix a while ago, and had foolishly began to hope that I wouldn't get to try them any time soon. Ha! I'm going to put a substantial dent in that bottle tonight.


Beruriah said...

damn! I'll keep hoping for you.

Meanwhile, enjoy the margaritas.

meg said...

I've seen far too many of those virgin white test sticks, myself. And, yes, it sucks. Here's hoping for next month. Until then, down those drinkies!

niobe said...

Interesting. I don't think I've ever heard of pink grapefruit margaritas before. But I'm sorry about the non appearance of that second line. Can we still hope just a little?