Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The gift that keeps on giving

Do you know how pissed off I am right now? Probably not, since you don't yet know what my blood work from last week indicates. Or why I had said blood work drawn. So let's take it from the top, shall we?

  • Noticed slight agitation
  • Measured pulse, noticed it to be elevated over the course of 3 days
  • Went to get blood drawn for thyroid hormones (and yes, drew hCG just to be safe-- negative). That was last Friday.
  • Took until today to get the result. My doctor is on vacation, only the office manager is in, and working reduced hours.
  • Results? Looks like the start of another hyperthyroid episode. Wheee!
  • So this looks like the second round of the postpartum thyroiditis. Double wheee! Because you know what you shouldn't do while hyperthyroid? Ding-ding-ding! Get pregnant. Fun.
  • I also caught JD's cold. My heart rate has not been below 100 in several hours.
  • I just spent over an hour googling and PubMeding the heart medication I still have left over from the last go-round. Things I found out?

    • I can take one tonight and it would still be ok to try later this week.
    • Unless, of course, the heart rate stays high after the cold leaves.
    • Cause it might be teratogenic.
    • Because I appear to have arrhythmia left over from my last encounter with hyperthyroidism, I may end up on heart medication throughout the second and third trimesters. And closely watched for the first.

So back to my original question-- do you know how pissed off I am right now? That's right-- pretty fucking pissed off. My plan right now is to take another heart rate measurement. If it's still over 100, I will take the large dose of the medication I was given in case of emergency before going to The Old City. If it's below, I will take the smaller dose I was on at the time. I will call my OB's office in the morning to see what they think. I may have to go see the cardiologist too. I have a feeling this month is a bust. Which, assuming the heart rate thing resolves itself will give me only one try before we actually do have to stop for two months to accommodate my sister's wedding. The feeling I was trying to avoid when I asked my doctor for permission to try after 5 months rather than 6 was the feeling of only getting one shot at this. So yeah, lovely. No pressure.


Beruriah said...

Well, shit. That sucks. I don't really have anything else to say about it. I'm sorry, and I'll hoping the heart rate gets back to normal. And the cold goes away.

Phantom Scribbler said...

Oh, I am so sorry. That's a really rotten way to end the day.

niobe said...

Oh no. How horrible. And why in the world doesn't your doctor have someone covering for him/her?

Julia said...

Thanks, guys.

Niobe, she does have a covering doctor. But I never met him before, and I really hate explaining things to new people. Especially since it's really hard to talk this morning. But I am going to call OB and cardiologist-- they know my history, I just have to tell them what's going on now.

Lori said...

Oh, I hate that feeling of pressure.

I am so sorry these health issues keep coming back to bite you. I wish they would get resolved once and for all, so you could put them behind you. I'm sorry. It stinks.

meg said...

Sorry this sucks so much!

And, yeah, the pressure thing is the worst. I hate feeling that way--it's that constant dread in the pit of your stomach (at least that's where it lives for me!)