Sunday, August 26, 2007

WTF? (Updated: Now with more WTF?)

Dear Internets, I need sage counsel.

Let's review, shall we?

CD22-- LH=14.2
CD35-- negative HPT
CD36-- negative blood test
CD39, today-- still no period.

So since I have never had a luteal phase longer than 15 days, I ask you, dear Internets, WTF is going on here? Do you have any bright ideas? Because I only have one, and it's not pretty-- ectopic.

And, dear Internets, if you happen to agree with the above self-diagnosis, what was your experience with how long one is to wait to try again after misoprostol? In the spirit of me knowing what my next freakout is to be, of course. Note, however, the exemplary restraint I am currently demonstrating by not asking Dr.Google this or any of the other questions that I am sure I could use to keep myself occupied for hours this fine evening.

And yes, I am going to go for another blood draw in the morning, provided AF still doesn't show. I also did a progesterone test on Thursday (CD36), but didn't get the results yet. Hopefully I can get those in the morning too.

So go ahead, lay it on me-- what do you all think?

Update: Progesterone on Thursday, CD 36 was 0.6, which means AF should've been here Friday, as expected. My GP is stumped, so she took another test. With progesterone, LH, and FSH for good measure. Unfortunately, the results won't be back until tomorrow afternoon.

Thank you, all, for your comments. I am much less freaked about the possibility of ectopic now. Considering S's version of double ovulation however, at this point I can only, as they say in the Old Country, bite my own elbows. Because if that's what this was, that's a perfectly good egg, wasted.


slouching mom said...

I am clueless. But I hope, hope, hope it's not an ectopic pregnancy.

Missing said...

Holy Crud! You just posted MY cycle this week.
I've tested twice already and it's CD 38 and NOTHING!
I really wish I knew.

Beruriah said...

I don't know. Hopefully just an unfairly long cycle?

I hope you get some answers today.

S. said...

Could be plain old stress. The third time we tried I had a 45 day-cycle that OF COURSE drove me bonkers. I started seeing cervical mucus right when I should have been getting my period, so I did a couple of OPK's just to see, and oh, yeah, I ovulated again. So I KNEW I couldn't be pregnant, but did that keep me from testing? Of course it didn't. When my period finally did come, I decided it would be good to skip the next one.

I did wind up thinking I might ovulate twice a cycle but my period usually masks my fertility signs for the second egg. I'm not sure I want to confirm this theory before we start trying again, because a solid life of TWW's? Not sure I could handle it.

Bon said...

wtf, indeed...Julia. this has got to be so hard, and i'm sorry.

as for answers, i'm pretty clueless, but i will say that i thought an ectopic would show in the blood test, at the very least? my sister-in-law had one, sadly, and it showed right on her first day late, on the straight-out-of-the-drugstore pee stick.

i too hope you get some answers soon.

meg said...

Yeah, for the ectopic, mine showed up on a home pregnancy test (faint, mind you) 2 days after my period was late. I would think that if it was ectopic, it would have showed up on the blood test, but make them keep repeating them JUST IN CASE, if your period doesn't come. After my surgery, I still had some HCG levels (that sort of slowly rose) and I had to get methotrexate--I know sounds impossible, but it happened. Thankfully, my family doctor ordered the blood tests and followed it until it was below 5. The surgeon could not be bothered by my complaints that something felt wrong.

That being said, at 5.5 weeks, my levels were over 500, so I am fairly positive that if it were ectopic, your blood test would have shown something over 5, by this point. Also, I believe at the start of an ectopic, the levels can rise quite quickly (this is what my clinic said, anyway).

This will not happen to you, but a woman at my old clinic (IVF) had an ectopic. They only did one blood test and it showed some levels, but they told her it was too low to be viable. They did not follow up the blood test and at 10 weeks, she had to be rushed to the hospital and lost a tube. That's why at my new clinic they did an ultrasound at 4 weeks, just to see if they could see anything in my uterus. I know there was nothing much to see, but the fact that they did it and showed me something in there was a great relief to someone who has gone through the terror of an ectopic.

I am positive you are fine, but triple check--just because I am a paranoid freak when it comes to this. Sorry about the novel length of this--just takes along time to explain!

PS And I believe stress can delay cycles too, for sure.

niobe said...

I'm very glad to see Meg's post, because it makes me think that it's really, really unlikely that you have an ectopic pregnancy. But I'm going to worry just a little anyway until I see your updates.

thrice said...

Out of left field.... you dropped more than one egg and that egg is having it's own luteal phase? Or left over follicle is causing problems.

I haven't been at this for a while and my memory is for shit, so forgive me if I'm not remembering things correctly.

niobe said...

Hmmmm...There's an old wives' tale to the effect that if you kiss your elbow you'll turn into a member of the opposite sex. So, despite the Old Country saying, I wouldn't recommend trying it.

I feel much better about you now. Still baffled, but much, much better.

Beruriah said...

I've been refreshing your page like a madwoman. Glad to hear folks don't think it sounds like an ectopic.

I hope the world's best doc will continue to follow up though.

This is so not what you need.

Beth said...

**groan** I'm so sorry you're having this sort of cycle. As someone who has had cycles which are seriously wacked up the wazoo for seemingly countless years now, I can only say: hang in there, the cycle will end.

Hang in there.