Friday, November 2, 2007


That's short for Bring Your Own Metaphor.

It's almost too easy, isn't it? Are they still trees? What's the use of their still standing? Is it any better that there are so many of them? Do they look funny to the other trees?


niobe said...

The picture is haunting.

Aurelia said...

It's a phallic image, I think.

Of course, I'm rather filthy minded so I think everything is phallic.

Nicole said...

So beautiful and so sad. Life in a nutshell.

Beruriah said...

A simile rather than metaphor.

These trees strike me as like a uterus after menstruation. Dormant. Waiting. Waiting either for fertilization or the cycle to start again.

I have a series of photos I took when I was a teenager that I would post if they weren't buried somewhere in my parents' attic 321 miles away. I took them from a jeep trail in northern Wisconsin over a period of months and years. In the first photo, we see a mass of trees in the middle of a lake created by a beaver's dam a few miles away. Some time later those trees appear dead, still submerged in water. They have a gorgeously haunting silvery look to them. Then there's a middle stage, like this one, where it seems empty and hopeless and dead. Followed by budding and complete regeneration. Eventually it became impossible for me to find the spot again.

meg said...

I noticed the trees, but it was the clouds that really caught my eye.

Great photo, as always!

Anonymous said...

The trees look dead now, but in the spring, new life will bloom on them.

Great pic.