Monday, November 26, 2007

To complete the picture

After we missed the baggage check-in time for our flight by 4 minutes, got bumped to the next flight, found food and coffee, JD noticed a video arcade and suggested to Monkey that they partake of the pleasures of adrenalin for quarters. Monkey, the same girl who only three days before demonstrated such care about proper nutrition for her baby doll, entrusted the same doll to my care with the following words of wisdom.

We are leaving the doll. She will only get in my way. Because holding the doll and shooting is sort of inconvenient.

Vacation pictures coming soon.

P.S. Tried again to get the feeds on the blogs already on my roll, and for most it worked. Seems the reader was being temperamental when I was setting the thing up last week. Will try to add all the other feeds I mean to include sometime this week. There is also that small matter of actually working that I have to pay some heed to.


Beruriah said...

That actually working thing you do now is making me quite jealous. I feel as if I should open a book or something. Monkey is too funny. I think she'd have been one of my favorites when I was teaching (shouldn't have those, I know, but can't help it).

slouching mom said...

work, schmerk.

can't wait to see pics.!

Lori said...

I'm glad to know the girl has a wide perspective on the business of life. She is a very wise girl.

I'm glad you are home!

Tash said...

Bwah. Now did she say that while holding onto it upside down by the foot?

ms. G said...

He, He...Your recent tidbits about Monkey have left me in stitches. What a modern woman! Nursing while multitasking, *safe* w/o baby shooting...she does it all!!

meg said...

Glad you're back home. Can't wait to see your pictures!

Magpie said...

Work? Work? Someday I am going to get fired, when my boss realizes that I don't do anything anymore.

That comment about the dolls and the shooting? Too funny.