Friday, November 16, 2007

Math is hard

My day so far:

Feeling reasonably rested when the alarm goes off: a plus.

Grabbing the absolute last 10hr parking spot (unlike on Tuesday, when I could only get a 2hr one, eventually resulting in an expensive garage re-park): a definite plus.

Underestimating the time it will take me to get out of the house and again the time it takes to walk to the gym from the parking meters, resulting in me being 22 minutes late for a 30 minute personal trainer appointment: a definite minus.

Getting to spend 25 minutes with the trainer anyway: a plus.

Deciding to stay for a 15 minute Abs class that I knew I would feel for a while about 3 minutes into it: ?????.

Realizing I forgot to reload my traveling pill case with my PCOS meds right before walking into Starbucks: a serious minus with a side of a major bummer.

Buying the muffin anyway, as none of the choices were any better: a minus.

Getting my TB challenge test read and cleared: a plus.

That, plus my old immunization records which I was able to get from my alma mater yesterday finally getting my new employee ID: a definite plus.

Scoring a free flu shot along with that: a plus.

Narrowly escaping getting a booster after which they recommend not getting pregnant for 3 months: a serious whew.

Showing restraint in response to the nurse suggesting that I get the shot and just postpone conception until after 3 months: a heroic act.

Needing to walk back to the car to get the registration: a major windy minus.

Getting the parking stickers for both of our cars for the employee lot a couple of miles from my house and on the way to the school with an every 15 min shuttle service: a major plus.

So where do you figure does that put me for the day? Personally, I think it might depend on how much that Abs class stays with me.

Bonus material from yesterday, unblogged due to the severe sleepiness mentioned below.

Life lesson #7337:

If you work in a research building attached to the main hallway of a major hospital with a large and busy OB practice, you might consider bringing your lunch. Because if you don't, you might decide that it would be a good idea to get your lunch in the cafeteria that is located at one end of that main hallway. Predictably, then, on your way there and back you might encounter a few many pregnant women. If you are extra lucky, you might even see one in labor, dressed in hospital-issue gowns and socks and everything, walking the hallway. And for a special treat you might catch a glimpse of a few families leaving the hospital with their living babies. Bring your lunch is all I am saying.


niobe said...

It sounds pretty much an overall positive to me. Especially the personal trainer and abs class part.

Amelie said...

Most of it sounds good, though the ABS, yeah, I remember feeling them for days after re-starting exercises...

Anonymous said...

Today sounds like a plus. The abs won't equal a minus until you wake up tomorrow.

Aurelia said...

It sounds mostly good, with only a little blech thrown in. And after all, every day can't be perfect, can it?

Beruriah said...

So glad the ID arrived - maybe parking won't be so obnoxious now. I hope your abs are feeling appropriately worked this morning.

thrice said...

Yes,bringing your lunch has many positives.