Thursday, November 22, 2007

Good Housekeeping

We are in a hotel tonight. Getting on a cruise ship tomorrow afternoon, for a quick three day jaunt. Because of this, Thanksgiving was a lunch affair, potluck with my sister, involving a limited number of dishes, since, you know, we had to leave for the airport. We did well, by which I mean that the food was good, we stuffed ourselves as I believe is required by both state and federal law, and yet, except for the bird, there weren't that many leftovers. What was left is my sister's problem, since we, as I believe I mentioned, left.

Also, if you would like to take a plane trip, and have no preference as far as the date of said trip is concerned, may I suggest the fourth Thursday in November? This, this is what travel should be. The airport was a breathe, so much so that I got a 15 minute chair massage at Brookstone that I didn't have to wait for and nobody except Monkey bugged me while I was enjoying it. Monkey, excited as she was by the prospect of the next four! days! of! fun!, thought it was unfair that I got to sit in the chair and is it her turn yet? Although in fairness she was really good for most of the day today while we packed and cooked and did some last minute things.


So I did pretty well with this unofficial NaBloPoMo deal. I was too chicken to sign up, but up until today did in fact post every day, even if some days I had valiantly fight sleep to accomplish this important goal. The next three days I can't be sure of my connections to the civilized world (read: internets), so I can't be sure I will get to keep up with this. Here's my solution-- since I am not officially signed up, I get to bend the rules. My newly bent rules, then, allow me to write the posts for the next three days off line and to post the whole bunch when I get back. Whatdayathink?


JD's repeat test was Monday, and we got the results yesterday. They are somewhat improved, although not enough to avoid serious interventions. Some of this might be random fluctuation, and some may be the supplements he started taking after I spent some hours in heart-to-heart conversations with my dear friend PubMed. Hope, that bitch, showed up the moment I started reading the report, and she is still hanging around, whispering all about how we might just get away with IVF only, sans ICSI. We'll see. He has to go give the lab vampires some blood after we get back, and he has an appointment with the urologist after, and then I get my ultrasound and we both see the RE. I am going to try to not think about any of this on the cruise. Although I am not really expecting to succeed with this.


And finally, I started updating my blog roll and setting up my google reader last night. Got a good way through, but am not nearly finished. I was bummed, though, by the number of blogs I can't get a feed for. On my blog roll I marked them with a *. I certainly understand if you did that on purpose-- there are certainly enough reasons to. And I promise I will still click through. But um... if it wasn't intentional, would you mind setting your feed free? Pretty please?

Oh, and if you don't see your blog on the roll, it is probably because I am not done updating it yet. But feel free to leave a comment to tell me you can't believe yours wasn't the first blog I added on. I can't believe it either. I was actually planning on staying up to add a bunch more tonight, but I am falling asleep, and I think that at this point it would be wise to give in. So the rest of the updates will have to wait till next week. In the meantime I am going to read for a couple of pages and kill the lights.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Caro said...

There should be a feed for mine.

Beruriah said...

It's 21 F where I am at the moment, so I hate you. But we do have snow on the ground and I know that makes you jealous. I'm glad JD's numbers were a little bit better. I'm going to welcome hope for you at the moment. I hope you don't read this until you return from your cruise, and that you will have had a wonderfully restful time.

meg said...

Have a wonderful time on the cruise. Warmth sounds good, right about now. Like Beruriah, we have some snow on the ground too.

I'm glad JD's numbers are up. As you know, I am a strong believer in supplements. I hope it's not too long until you see the RE.

Julia said...

Thanks, Caro. I will try to figure it out when again on solid ground.

B and Meg, thanks a bunch. About to check out of the hotel, and likely loose the web. Although my email on my phone will still work for a while. Damn, it's so hard to quit this internet thing, even for a few days.

niobe said...

I have, uh, issues with blogs without feeds. I understand that some of them are password protected, but it still makes me feel remarkably guilty when I miss their updates.

Have a great trip.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if there was a problem with blogger when you were adding the feeds to reader, because I have a feed and some of the links you have *'d have feeds in my bloglines.

I hope you have a great trip.

Snickollet said...

I lovelovelove cruises. Hope your trip was fab.

Aurelia said...

I get almost all of those as feeds on bloglines.

Try again after you come back. You never know it might just have been a blip?

Sorry about the tests.

thrice said...

Okay, that's weird, 'cause my feeds shouldn't be blocked. Would you try the following and let me know? TIA