Thursday, November 15, 2007

Resistance is futile

I am falling asleep on the couch. And there is no-one here to tell me to go upstairs already and go to bed. JD is on a business trip and Monkey went along because friends live near where JD's business thing is, so she gets to play hooky from school to hang out with them. I really should take advantage of the nice bed all to myself, but this damned thing of posting every day even though I didn't officially sign up is keeping me here.

Very nice people from out of town are coming in tomorrow night, so I will be busy this weekend, but good busy. I took this picture last time I saw them.

Can you guess what it is?

P.S. I did get to the gym on Tuesday, and started my two free weeks. Going to try to get there again in the morning-- there is supposed to be a trainer there I can meet with to design a program. Woo-hoo.
And now off to bed. Waking up on the couch in the morning would be embarrasing.


slouching mom said...

a rice paper lampshade?

i don't know!

Beruriah said...

My guess is about the same as Slouching Mom's, but maybe frosted glass instead?

Good on you for going to the gym and I cannot wait to hear about/see pictures from this weekend.

niobe said...

I love sleeping on the couch. You wake up and, just for a second, have no idea where you are.

Aurelia said...


I think?

Sleeping couched give me a crick in my neck.

Julia said...

I do believe it's a rice paper light covering thingie, but it was up high by the ceiling in a cafe. I've never seen it used that way before-- with overlapping but not touching leaves on the sides and mounted that high up. And the cool part was it looked way different from afar than when I used my 10x on the camera to get a close up shot.